Denton's Story

Bob's book is a life saver. People don't realize how easy it really is until they read his book.

I was facing a crossroads in my life recently after deciding to return to school at Baylor at the age of 30 with a wife and family. After asking around through family members and others to find a co-signer, I had practically given up on the opportunity to finish school. Soon thereafter, pretty much out of the blue, my WHO friend (my best friend since childhood, Marco) called me and told me he believed in me and would co-sign my final student loan.

Marco, co-signing my loan, was a blessing and proof that all you really need to do when in need is to reach out to your WHO friends for help and advice. Like Bob says, your WHO friends are the ones that really care and are going to give you the best words of wisdom and will point you in the right direction in terms of meeting your ultimate dreams and goals!

In addition to Marco co-signing my loan, my "story" is still far from complete. WHO friends have really been the answer my whole life in different situations, I just never realized it until reading Bob's book. I continue to experience the Power of WHO on a daily basis and hope and pray I will continue to experience that the rest of my life.

As a die-hard sports fan and hopefully up-and-coming sports writer and music reviewer, many of my hopes and dreams have already begun coming true thanks to the Power of WHO. Thank you, Bob, for your wonderful and simple words of advice in your book.

With great coaches at Baylor such as Art Briles and Scott Drew as close WHO friends of Bob's, there's no doubt in my mind that Bob and his principles are a winner from top to bottom. Let Bob change your life positively as well -- pick up a copy of The Power of WHO as soon as you can. His simple words will propel your life in the right direction and will help you reach dreams you never before thought possible...

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Chris's Story

I found your book to be extremely impactful. I am 26 and currently working on two Masters, Sport Management and Business Administration, at the University of Central Florida. Your book was recommended by my professor. I was hooked throughout and found that I was able to relate your words to my life. I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Your “Who” World’ as well as your chapter on lists and instructions. Shortly before reading your book I came across the saying Donald Crosbie said to you, “If you want to have something that you’ve never had before, you’ve got to be willing to do something that you’ve never done before.” That saying had already inspired me but as I started this chapter and your story of meeting your wife developed, I felt like I could sense exactly what you were going through. When I read that phrase again I lurched forward and remained still for several minutes. To me those words are very powerful and true.

Since returning to school I have really started to get into business books; I like to envision incorporating the ideas into both business and personal relationships. Your book has had the greatest bang.

Thank you for sharing you words.

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Tyler's Story

I just finished your book "The Power of Who," and I have to say, it really inspired me and opened my eyes to the power within my own circle of friends. My dad gave me the book a few months ago, and I've been meaning to read it all summer. He knows Todd Duncan quite well and heard you speak at one of his events. Thanks for writing such a great book and being willing to share the principles that have brought you such success and happiness in your own life.

I'm entering my final semester of law school at BYU here in Utah. I'm planning on specializing in Entrepreneurial Law—helping entrepreneurs and small business people to start and grow their businesses on a firm foundation. Even before reading your book, I've spent a lot of time thinking about the "What" I really wanted and decided that working for a big firm was not for me. Instead, I'm planning to immediately begin growing my own practice, likely in a firm with several other like-minded attorneys, and immediately doing what I love. I've had (and continue to have) some concerns about getting clients and networking, but I feel like reading "The Power of Who" has given me some great tools to start using in the pursuit of my dreams.

Again, thanks for a great book.

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Teri's Story

My husband and I moved from Houston to Dallas last September as a result of landing my "dream job". It was a dream alright....I was laid off last month...and now all I have are the dreams! Several weeks ago, our neighbors invited us to a book signing, which we were unable to attend. They bought us a signed copy of The Power of WHO as a gift.

I've dusted around the book for weeks and this morning I finally decided to pick it up and read it. I just finished it, and I have to tell you--I will never be the same! I haven't been this excited about a book since Rick Warren's The Purpose Driven Life. Just like that one, everyone in my "inner circle" and several of my "100 WHO" will soon get a copy of the book with an enthusiastic endorsement!

Thanks to the book Bob wrote, I'm now inspired to hit the "pause" button on my life and do the work necessary to get back on the right track. Work that will not only fulfill my career aspirations but also help me be the person I've always dreamt about being. The Power of WHO is my catalyst and will be an indispensable guide as I move forward. Thank you Bob!!

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John's Story

This has been a difficult year for me! My wife has done a good job in taking over our real estate practice while I looked to get back to my roots of running a company. We sold our company 10 years ago and did very well, but I was just too young to retire. So, my wife & I agreed that if I could find something with “passion” that I would “love to do and get paid to do it,”--- I should go for it.

Interestingly enough, through connections with my “Who” over the past 5 months, I started meeting with a good “Who” friend who is head partner in a Venture Capital company. Like your book said, I just reached out and we started having coffee together once a month or so. Over the last few months as we talked, he asked if I would be interested in looking at one of the entities they own. The result---I was offered the CEO Position for one of their Companies. What’s more exciting is the company specializes in a particular area I am passionate about- services for children.

So, not only is the financial and company opportunities good, the location is great, and best of all I will now be able to follow my heart through an organization---that fits perfect with my passion and calling! Amazing!

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Dan's Story (A letter to his friend)


I have to admit when you first told me about Bob Beaudine and his book, that was the last thing of interest to me. I was in a panic pretty much all day, every day and I could not focus. I tried to start the book several times and I would read a bit, then go to the computer to see if any responses had Ncome in from any of the job search activities. This has been one of the darkest periods in my life and even when we had a sunny day, it was dark for me.

This weekend I forced myself to finish the book – I actually had to start from the beginning because I had retained none of it. It is a heartwarming book to someone in crisis I think because it reopens the door of hope that has closed. I am starting to be encouraged again – not yet confident but working my way there. I will need to read it again and do some of the exercises. I still don’t know who is in my inner circle and I don’t really know what I want, other than the fear to go away. It is hard to think about what your dream might be when you wonder how you will survive so coming up with that is hard right now.

I still have not had any potential employment of any significance. I hate waking up too soon, to get an early start on worrying.

However, this book is helping me and I wanted to thank you for the thoughtfulness in 1) knowing where my head was, 2 knowing I needed to read this and 3) giving me this book. You are a kind and giving person and I thank you. I promise to pass it on. There are a lot of scared souls out there in a similar position and they could use this book also.

Thanks for being my friend.


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Lindsey's Story

I actually have two “who” stories….

When I was approaching the mid-way point of my Senior year in college, I had no idea what I wanted to do. In talking things over with my family, my father convinced me to reach out to my former soccer coach of mine from my childhood. After reconnecting with this coach, and talking through my goals and dreams- this coach put me in touch with the director of a graduate program he had placed through his work as an executive recruiter. This connection led me to Ohio University where I received a dual Master’s in Business and Sports Administration- something I never thought I would be able to do.

As my graduate work was coming to an end, I was very uncertain about finding a good position. I was graduating in one of the worst economic climates this nation had ever seen and looking to begin my career in a hyper-competitive field that was finally being affected by the economic downturn. Not only that, but I had my heart set on a market that had suffered a huge hit from the economy, New York City, and I had little to no experience. One day, in the middle of my search, a classmate of mine approached me about a job he had heard of in New York- the position was targeting someone with a little more experience than I had, but my classmate thought I would be perfect for the job and had already talked to the company for me. After a couple interviews with this company, I was fortunate to accept the position, and now I am happily working in the city, and in an industry I absolutely love. The Power of Who is the only reason I was able to land such a great opportunity, and I can’t wait to continue using my “Who” for business in the future.

Thank you, Mr. Beaudine for helping me understand the truth behind the Power of Who.

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Chrystal's Story

I just wanted to write a quick note to thank Bob for writing such an encouraging and relatable book about reaching your dreams/goals. I travel quite a bit for my job and I saw the book sitting on one of the display tables. I merely thought this was another book on "how to utilize your network" - but boy was I wrong. I didn't pick it up at first and I walked around the store to look at other publications, but something kept tugging at me to look at The Power of Who.

It was nothing but God ordering my steps to open his book to a section that caught my eye. After reading that small passage, I was compelled to buy the book. Many of the insights Bob shared were right on point. Over the past year, I have been thinking about opening a charter school in one of the most disadvantaged communities in Washington, DC and his book helped me to get through the negative self talk and continue to move forward.

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